Developing the Genesis Block for Procurement

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    Szmart Blockz

    What are we doing actually?

    We are focussing on Procurement related topics and bring it to the Blockchain. Szmart Blockz is using Hyperledger Fabric to develop the Procure to Pay process. At first, Szmart Blockz is developing the company’s internal approval workflow on the Blockchain to ensure internal compliance and to be fraud-proof. The Procurement department is an important interface for every company. To ensure the regulations are observed, Szmart Blockz is bringing Blockchain Technology into the company’s needs and is helping to fulfill the Corporate Social Responsibility for a greener and efficient Procurement Department. Save time, money and reduce air pollution with a transparent supply chain in the next step. Furthermore, the development of Smart Contracts will be in the pipeline together with more Decentralized Applications planned in the Future. Our CRiP (Cost Reduction in Procurement) initiative is highly adaptable to your needs. We develop easy to implement solutions like KYS (Know Your Supplier), Contract Management, Approval Workflow and much more. In regards to KYS, we support you with your AML (Anti Money Laundering) and Compliance. We are also your contact for BCM (Business Continuity Management).

    And more?

    We are also your reliable partner in Consulting for Blockchain and Procurement

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